Branch Instructor

Lee Jurkovic
0412 406 359

Class Information

St. Monica’s School
Moynihan Street, Evatt

6:30 – 7:30 pm

6:30 – 7:30 pm

1st Dan Lee Jurkovic has a strong passion and commitment to Rhee Tae Kwon-Do. He began training in 2011 and has always been persistent in training to be the best he can be. Rhee tae kwon do continues to be important to him for fitness, strength, and to maintain the skills of the art. He believes training in Rhee Tae Kwon-Do aids in the balance of family, career and fitness.

Self-defence training is an integral part of Rhee Tae Kwon-Do classes in Evatt. The Dojang is energetic and dynamic, with a friendly atmosphere. It has plenty of equipment, and a heated gymnasium for those cold winter nights.

Lee Jurkovic teaches and mentors students of all ages ranging from 5 years of age to over 50. Lee expresses great satisfaction in passing on his knowledge and experience of the art of Rhee Tae Kwon-Do to his prospective students.

All Instructors within Rhee Tae Kwon-Do have undertaken police checks and have “Working With Vulnerable People” accreditation.

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