Schools Program

Rhee Tae Kwon-Do Schools Program

Rhee Tae Kwon-Do Schools Program

Rhee Tae Kwon-Do is a traditional, non- competitive style of Korean Martial Art. The Art of Rhee Tae Kwon-Do, promotes self-defence, discipline, fitness and strength. It is suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender or size.

Rhee Tae Kwon-Do is the oldest and largest Tae Kwon-Do school in Australia, it was founded in the late 60’s by 8th Dan World Master Chong Chul Rhee, who continues to conduct Action Days four times per year.

The activity is conducted in a strictly non-contact environment so that children can learn their techniques and also become fit without fear of injury.

Children become more self-confident in Rhee Tae Kwon-Do because they progress individually at their own pace. In addition, they are not judged against other students.

Rhee Tae Kwon-Do teaches students to think instead of panic in potentially serious situations, as well as how to react to threats from other children.

The emphasis of Rhee Tae Kwon-Do is on:

  • Safety
  • Technique
  • Discipline
  • Confidence
  • Self-defence
  • Co-ordination
  • Respect

In addition to the Schools program, Master Rhee has approved a Mentoring Program for Junior Assistant Instructors. This program has been introduced into the schools program.
Nominated Students with apparent leadership qualities are mentored into an Instructor/Team Leader role and develop skills outside the normal program.

The After-School Care Program has been running since February 2011 within the Rhee Tae Kwon-Do traditional Schools, and the parents of nominated students have not only admired the skill sets of their children, but have noticed a dramatic turnaround in their focus at school and at home .

All Sabum (Instructors) within Rhee Tae Kwon-Do are personally appointed by World Master Chong Chul Rhee.

All students in the Rhee Tae Kwon-Do Schools Program are graded at the end of each term and can progress through the belt system to obtain a Junior/Senior Black Belt.

The schools currently participating in the Rhee Tae Kwon-Do After School Care Program include:

  • Red Hill Primary School
  • Telopea Park School
  • Forrest Primary School
  • Garren Primary School

If you would like to find out more, or if your school is interested in finding out how to make this exciting addition to your proespectus, please contact Secretary General Rob Lang.